This spring, the US-based artist Mary Mattingly was invited to a residence in Malmö. The pandemic made a physical stay impossible but opened the possibility of testing an exploration of the location from a distant position.
Over the next two weeks, Mattingly will take over our instagram to reflect on the residency as an imaginary stay, and her learnings from exploring a site while being far away from it. She will also tell us more about the actual project that was supposed to be realised in Malmö, a project that takes us back to the era of palm trees and Mangrove forests in Skåne. 
Mattingly works with photography and sculpture that focuses on ecological challenges and sustainability. Among other things, she has founded Swale, a floating park in New York with edible plants that everyone can take part of, and the project Public Water, which investigates ongoing issues of water quality, access, privatization, and infrastructure for NYC drinking water.